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Didn't get a lot of pics, but here's some from our Friday Ride - Planned to go to Chloride Cliffs, Back way to Beatty, Rhyolite, and Titus Canyon

Responsible ADV Crew getting their permits at the Ranger Station in Stovepipe Wells

NowWhat's crew on the way to Chloride Cliffs

On the way to Chloride Cliffs

Everyone made it to Chloride Cliffs!!!

MotoK and FudgyPup - Conquering Hero's

I didn't get any more pictures after this. We all made it back down from Chloride Cliffs just fine, and started heading east towards Beatty. We were going to take the back way (dirt roads) to Beatty, which involves taking a two-track road south for a few miles before crossing Hwy 95 and heading into the hills south of Beatty. Unfortunately, the road was a little whooped-out and one of our riders (MotoK) went down. Unfortunately, he caught his foot between the footpeg and a rock and was in a lot of pain. We eventually decided that we needed to call 911 and get some help for him.

They sent a Fire Department 4X4 truck out to pickup MotoK and get him back to where they could transfer him to an ambulance. I sent the other riders on to finish the ride, while I gassed up in Beatty and hightailed it back to PSR to find a volunteer with a truck to help recover MotoK's bike that we left off the side of the trail. I was lucky enough to run into libratrades, who quickly agreed to use his truck for Triple-A duty.

We left PSR around 3:30pm, and headed to pick up MotoK's bike. On the way, I called MotoK and found out that they had taken him to Desert View Hospital in Pahrump where they discoverd he had three broken bones in his foot (I'm glad we called 911). So after getting his bike recovered, it was off to Pahrump to get MotoK. Since we had to wait for an hour to fill his prescription for meds, we ate some Pahrump fine dining at Denny's. Then, since the sherriff had forgotten to give MotoK's glasses back to the ambulance crew, we had to back track to Beatty to get his glasses. We finally got back to PSR around 10:45pm. It was a long day, but at least we got MotoK and his bike back to PSR. JnyRav was kind enough to get MotoK back to LA on Saturday morning.

Looking forward to riding with you again in the future Motok (but with better boots)!

Thanks again to libratrades for helping out!!!
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