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Originally Posted by jburroughs12 View Post
This guy can't ride. He's a hack.

Can't wait for UPKAR, dude! I'm rocking the hell out of that 350.
This guy is a big part of the reason I got back to racing. I picked up the DRZ400S for him that I raced in the first Harescramble I did. A week later we spent 10 days in the UP getting lost in various trails. We'll be doing something similar next month. Our poor bikes will be getting one heck of a workout.

Originally Posted by Tbone View Post
Good luck and remember this is supposed to be fun !
I'm making myself sound worse than I should. The only time I'm not having fun is if I didn't do well in a race, and even then, it wasn't that it didn't have fun, I just knew I could do better. If that makes sense.

The first ride I got on my WR250 was up at a friends property. It's a great loop with a nice mix of open & technical sections. Sorry for the ghosting on the video. I need to re-encode it properly.

My fastest lap time that weekend was 5:45. My ultimate goal is to bring it down to 5:00 flat. It'll take some work as the next time out at the loop, I only dropped 15 seconds to 5:30. More gas...more going faster.

Last weekend, I stayed up in the UP. I intended to test out some routes I had drawn up, but it was cold, I was riding solo, and I ran into more dead-end\private property blocks than I felt like dealing with. So, I went over to an awesome 25 mile singletrack loop not far from my friends cabin. I figured I may as well get some riding practice in. I knew I didn't want to push myself, as I was riding solo, so I kept my riding at 50-70% my usual pace. First time I did this loop was with jburroughs12. It took us 4.5 - 5 hours. Granted that involved a nice kartwheeling crash done by myself, but it was still a long event. Last fall when I rode it with another friend, the trail was in perfect condition, wide open the entire way, and it took us a little over 1:45. This last trip, I rode it in 1:45 again, but not once did I feel I was pushing myself and knew I had plenty on reserve. It made me very happy with how I rode. I was tempted to ride another loop, but the riding solo thing crept back into my mind and I knew it was smartest to not push things. Here's a clip of the last 40 minutes. Around the 2:45 mark, was a hill climb that normally was a royal pita. It was nice just running up it, and not thinking about it.

I got more to add, but got some work I gotta accomplish first.

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