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Just Curious ...

... Question ... These tanks Expand and you Can-Not paint them .............. Right?

A Thought ... Wrap a tank with large Carbon Fiber sheets ... On the back side only wrap inboard from the outside edge 3 inches, leaving the majority of the back plastic exposed. (Which will allow any of the gasses that cause bubbling to escape) The gasses would eventually separate the bond on the front but even if all the original bond was lost ... Everything would still fit tightly as it is a zero tolerance exoskeleton ... On the back side connect 4 of the outer edge’s with 2 long strips of CF 2 to 3 inches wide, crossing them effectively making a visible X on the back ... CF patch’s on the back near exhaust and other hot spots.

Now take it to a paint shop and have it painted / sanded / painted / sanded and finished with a eye popping glass finish.

Paintable ... & ... No more bolt alignment problems

(The tank skid protector could be included in the process) ... & ... (The clear tanks could have CF Open Sight Gauge's any where you wanted to put them)

Does anybody think this might work ... or would this be a bank breaker ...
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