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Originally Posted by BaronVonDarrin View Post
  1. Do you find that these tanks need the crash bars or no? I see a lot of people run these with just the panels. Is that good enough? Are they super tough or something?
  2. Are the safari tanks lighter than the stock tanks + their cover fairings?
  3. Are these becoming the preferred fuel extension over the Neduro tank? Was thinking of doing that with the coming 2-into-1 exhaust modification I am planning. Thought it could add some fuel without putting it over the front.
1) Have you checked out this thread?

I've seen Matthew's bike bounce a few times skipping across the trail. No issues. They are pretty tough. Crash bars are a nice custom build if you have long legs and like to use highway pegs, that's why I build crash bars for mine originally. That's the only way I could get across the plains to the good stuff.

"xdbx" is one heck of a crash tester too.

2) I found they are about the same once you figure in all the hardware and what-not.

3) I've never tested the Neduro tank. It depends on your needs. I needed more storage for trail tools. I also found that once the bike is loaded with gear it's very well balanced with fuel in the front and gear in back. They are great ballasts when it gets windy too.

If you're unsure, try and get a test ride on a bike with them.

For reference.

OEM tanks+ crash bars = Safari Tanks w/o protection. So for all those that think these are super wide, they just look fat....
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