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friday morning at camp

the rescued bike - thanks to jnyrav, lonestar and dsm8 for getting macadamia out of saline valley. i heard they rolled into camp at 2:30am...


isaac, tim and michael

lotsa oak firewood......

sito bearing a gift to the event...the dunlop 606 that i forgot to raffle...sorry....

the inseparable toast and impecabble nowwhat (another founding father of this event)

clarence getting ready for a big ride....nice van....

john, always the dirty adventurer, he had an early start in the week and leaving for home

another founding father of the noobs rally....senor andy muy peligroso...

loading today's track

scary sticker

oh yeah...the sierras

stinky boots stay outside the rv

cindy - the noob conqueror of lippencott, tim and bob

isaac riding 2wheels good former bike

robG was instrumental for this organized group rides....

finn and nancy also like early starts
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