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day 1, Thursday

Ok, sense there are so many good and thorough RR’s and pics, I'll try not to be too redundant.

We got there Thursday, set up Camp Riddler and then went for a little ride to the Warm Springs.
Now, Saline rd. was a very interesting road at fast speed on a 530 exc, trying to keep up with the big boys ... as most know now it was like dodging a mine field at those speeds, and my tender little chicken neck wasn't all that keen on it when hitting them pot/chuck holes…enough said.

The crew; Riddler990, El Zorrilo,Roy, DannG, Biggie, Vernon, Pointman, MCJimmy, somebody else??

Started with this guy.. Pointman, but he seemed to find the throttle too irresistible, didn't see him the rest of the day.. met up with Roy and Danny, we lost Danny as well or he lost us ..found him at the Warm Springs.

another guy coming in hot... Jimmy aka MCJimmy

ooops! what's this...after waiting at the turn , I came back and found Tom and Jon hadn't got enough tire change'n from the night before

frustration mounts after El Zorrilo pinches tubeo

this guys got it...he's a pro...he's got a secret weapon, hours of Youtube, watching Sito, and 5+hours practice the night before changing Tom's tires ...

saw this guy and his gf on this "Ready to go KLR on Salinerd, the rocky section with both feet out going 5+ slidding all over and thought as I flew bye, then I had a chance to talk to him and his girl about their sitch traveling from S.F. on this packed out beast...seriously this made my trip! I was so amazed by his spirit and the knarly rigging he had going...ADV baby!

I mean much space do 2 people need?!?

she's smile'n now, but I bet she wasn't back when I saw them gett'n tossed and slidde'n on Saline rd.

...actually she was a trooper...this was her first trip on a bike ...uhhh ok... that's impressive!'s those tennis shoes look'n!?!

diggin the red tape,... I'm tell'n ya that back tire was done!

landing gear up...and they're off Houston! ...even Joel had to get in on this epic site! it was a beautiful thing!!
"Most Keep'n it Real" award!

Joel found some gas...Biggie is think'n dang save some for me

our fearless leader is off...hey where is Paul?!

Warm Springs!!,,,Pablo was a site for soar eyes..all my water had leaked down my ass crack...thanks Pablo

DannG gett'n nakeid already...Pablo had a good buz on and a nice forward lean...a whole lot of
luv (Zeppland) and good spirits...thanks again Pablo the human fly trap"

Amazing day!... again, thanks Joel

day2-- Nowwhat and Sito Noobs Ride...coming soon!

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