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To answer you question the Husky is kick only and I gotta say it is a bitch when brand new. Now that i have got the motor broken in and got used to its kick starter, its an easy kick. I bought the Rekluse for that reason I do not want it to stall in a bad situation. My KLX had an E-start and I carried a ton of weight around for nothing. That starter sucked the bike would start on the first kick but the starter was not reliable at all, dead batteries not spinning the motor fast enough, too much trouble. This time I wanted a simple bike with no frills but with plenty of power. There is talk that Husky has a new 300 in the works with e start and a 6 speed tranny that will put it right in line with KTM and GG. I would imagine that the price will be right in line with KTM and GG too.
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