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Why I wear the gear.

I do ride ATGATT. I encourage others to do so as well. I only make fun of Assless Chaps because they are silly when not riding a horse.

"They are called Face Plants for a reason" To point out the Folly (IMO) of half helmets.

I do not wear gear for a fashion statement. I don't give a rats ass what others opinions are about the gear I wear.

I wear it for comfort to protect me from the elements.
I like staying cool when it's hot.
I like staying dry when it's raining.
I like staying warm when it's cold.... I ride EVERY day.

Motorcycle specific gear does that.

Protection from padding and abrasion is only an added benefit. I'll take it.

I have retired 3 helmets from on road offs... And I have slid down the road at 60 mph and sustained only stiff muscles and a couple of bruises.

Don't want to wear gear??? Take your lumps.
Me? I wear it EVERY ride.

Your statement:

Originally Posted by blk-betty View Post
I made the statement: ATGATT is overrated.... it's for guys who are either too afraid of a boo-boo or those who feel like thay have to put on an amour suit to prove how manly they are to participate in such a dangerous activity....
Is short sighted, sweeping and just plain assed stupid IMO. If you think riding a motorcycle is dangerous then you shouldn't be riding.
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