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Originally Posted by jimmydeanh View Post
Hey Michael - thanks for posting this along with pics of the Overlander and the rest of the kits, because the website doesn't seem to show these pics. Everything looks awesome. You commented on a "]post of mine a while back about this new system coming out soon. I just finished putting a light kit and a more rugged fender on the back of my 350 SX-F so I'm ready for the Overlander - Just say the word and I'll send the money....they look Scweet
Two questions though: 1) what's the max size bag you recommend I could throw on top? Like I said before I'm doing some 5 day offroad trips and I want to put my compressed bag and pad on top; 2) once the side bags are full of gear is there any danger of melting on the muffler side?

Thanks- JimmyDean

PS: need to order a 5 and a Cube pocket for my Hydro-3 and recv it before and event on April14th....what's the fastest way? (ie- thru Kriega, or another distributor?)
Hey Jimmy,

All of the catalog images are on the site (click on the large image on each page to open up a new window with various photos), except for the Overlander stuff, which will be added shortly.

To answer your questions:

1. You can mount any of our US Drypacks (or pretty much anything else that mounts using 2 x 1" straps) as a tail pack in-between the Overlander 30, using the included Rack Loops. So, you could have anywhere from 5 to 30 liters on top. They'll all work. It just depends on how much gear you want to carry and what its measurements are. Your sleeping bag will fit in a US-20, but I can't say whether the mat / pad will fit into a US-30 without knowing the rolled-up dimensions.

2. Nope! No danger of the bags making contact with your cans. They mount at an angle and the lower ends fix securely to your frame, so they can't slip out of position. Plus, the bags are reinforced at the back so that they don't 'bulge' out or flap, and, even if they did come into contact with something hot, they would remain fully functional.

As for picking up those bolt-ons for your trip, BritKit ( is the sole US Distributor and orders placed before approx. 2pm EST generally ship the same business day (next one at the latest) and take two business days to MD. Unfortunately, right now we don't have a dealer in your area who could get it to you much quicker. But that's something I'm working on at the moment! But either way, 14 April would be no problem at all.

'Ave it.

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