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Originally Posted by eddie bolted View Post
Personally i don't care what anyone wears,me i dress for the crash not the ride!If ya have a $10 head wear a $10 dollar helmet
I have a $400 dollar head. When I rode off road I wore all the gear but on the street I wear what ever I feel comfortable in. Sometimes its a mesh jacket, jeans and boots. If its hot and I'm not going far I'll wear shorts and a Tee. I've been riding for over forty years and haven't gone down on the street yet so naturally I feel invinceable. I think if I had one them there rocket bikes I would wear full leathers because it would be just a matter of time until I bit the big one.........If someones wants to wear all the gear or no gear at all, more power to them. The important thing is to ride and occasionaly wave.
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