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AGATT for me

I ride as much as I can, with the season being so short here in Alberta - to/from work, errands, pick up pizza, just to ride, and long distance trips.

My usual gear is:
AlpineStars WebGoretex boots
Motoport Kevlar gloves
Schuberth C3 helmet

On occasion I also wear a TourMaster jacket and pants, and whe I'm feeling like being more "stylish", I'll wear Bohn Underarmor under jeans.

One of the reasons I got my Aerostich was that it's so easy to put on over street clothes and easy to take off. For the last few months, except for winter, I commuted to work - Aerostich over dress pants and shirt, carried shoes and jacket. Same for meetings out of the office.

I can understand the reluctance to wear AGATT in the south where it can get frikkin hot, but it never gets that hot here!

BUT - to each his own, I fully support anyone's right to not wear anything protective on a bike. I choose to go AGATT.

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