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I fight this battle daily. I've been riding for about twelve years and just had my first accident a few months ago, on a hack of all things. I flew across a sharp metal edge of a guardrail. I just happened to be wearing a Bilt Storm suit thag I bought two days prior. The jacket tool the impact of a shard of metal, keeping me from getting gutted. The leg armor saved my left leg from being snapped, albeit, I did get a little lasting nerve damage out of the deal. My leg likes to go numb on top of my shin, which is a small price to pay for walking away alive.

However, as summer looms, wearing all the gear is getting harder. I like to commute on the bike, but the morning uniform for first formation is shorts and a tshirt, with running shoes. Throwing on all the gear to legally ride on post, then getting it all off before formation, only to put it back on to ride to the shower, then off when I get there........

Yeah, you can see where this gets to be a pain in the arse and ends up costing me a lot of time.

I'm on the lookout for a set of armored mesh pants that zip all the way up the leg like my storm suit. That should make being ATGATT a little more reasonable.

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