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Originally Posted by Grreatdog View Post
How did I ever survive to 50+.
Now that broken and battered parts don't heal so fast:
I am with you Grreatdog.
I started out rarely even wearing jeans on my dirtbike as a kid let alone a helmet.
Back then, I healed fairly quickly after a crash.
Even in my early 20s, I wore little more than a helmet.
As I began to mature a bit, I started wearing helmet, gloves, jacket, jeans and work boots to ride in.
Through several crashes, I began to learn that jeans shred when run across an abrasive surface.
So these days, I am ATGATT. I feel more comfortable wearing full gear.
In fact, last spring at Road America for a race weekend, I was working on my brakes the night before in the paddock. I rode around the paddock starting to bed the new pads in and was in a pair of track pants and a t-shirt. I felt naked.

I too worry about blunt force trauma. No amount of gear would have prevented my 4 broken ribs that I was blessed with at Motorsports Park Hastings in 2009. Lucky turn 13...
But had this been on the street, had I crashed in the same manner, had there been no gear, I would have not walked away. I would have been ground to the skull on my head. My entire right side would have been shaved down pretty well.
Instead, I popped right back up and tried to pick my bike back up not even realizing I had hit my head hard enough to grind through the shell of my helmet. My leathers wear nicely scuffed but still usable and passed re-inspection.

Nowadays, I will ride with anyone. EXCEPT those who don't even wear a helmet.
It's your life and you can live it how you want to. But I don't want to be the one hold your brains in your skull while waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

As I have said for a few years now. Leather is far cheaper than skin grafts.
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