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Originally Posted by blk-betty View Post
I made the statement: ATGATT is overrated.... it's for guys who are either too afraid of a boo-boo or those who feel like thay have to put on an amour suit to prove how manly they are to participate in such a dangerous activity....over in the Killboy failure Dragon thread and it elecited a few comments.
Seems like the Killboy Failure thread has generated a lot of spinoffs

What say you?

How many of you guys wear ALL the gear EVERY SINGLE TIME you ride a bike, and if you don't wear ALL the gear EVERY SINGLE TIME why not?
I think I ride ATGATT but some would disagree.

I guess it depends what you mean by ALL THE GEAR. For example, I ALWAYS have jacket, full-face or flip-up helmet, gloves and boots. VERY occasionally, I will ride with trousers that are not armored (although it's probably been a year or more.)

I don't have a spine protector, other than the normal pads in my jackets. Often, I wear swat boots rather than "proper" motorcycle boots. Some people would consider that under-dressed. Some of my gloves don't have carpal protection, etc., either.

I'm not scared, I'm not anal, it's definitely not the image (anyone who knows me knows I have ZERO image consciousness.) I'm just in the habit of putting it all on as part of the same process that has me checking the tires and wheeling the bike out of the garage. Pretty much in the same way as you'd grab your keys, I grab my gear and helmet before I ride.

Excuses about temperature and humidity are pretty lame. Once you're moving, a mesh jacket is probably cooler than a t-shirt because it lets the air through while keeping the sun off your skin.
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