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There is an important piece of this story that is missing!

"Back in the day", "gear" was rare, expensive and hard to get.

There were very few choices, most of it leather, and most of it very uncomfortable and expensive.

Even good motorcross gear was not available at every corner mortorcycle shop and of course there was no Internet to order from. I honestly did not even know some of this 70s gear existed until seeing it on the Internet years later!

The "gear" back than really could make the riding experience much less fun!

Today there is so much more gear to be had at reasonable prices that there should be little excuse to having it.

Its very easy today to have gear for every occasion and type of riding you plan to do that day. Sure you may not have the "perfect" gear for the best protection in all situations, but there is really no excuse to not have the most reasonable combo for that moment.

Hot? There are full mesh jackets and pants, fully vented textiles, etc etc. Even pants that zip into shorts for when you get off the bike. Low top riding shoes, boots, etc.

Don't want to look like a storm trooper? Kevlar lined jeans, plain looking boots, etc!

There are also so many people looking to get rid of good used gear that there really is no excuse for not having and using it.

FWIW, in 40ish years of being on bikes, the ONLY time I have ever been hit by a car was "just running around the block" Doing 15 mph and got hit by a lady turning into her driveway!!
I had full gear on!

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How did I ever survive to 50+.

Now that broken and battered parts don't heal so fast:

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