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Is ATGATT overrated? Sure it was a little over the top but there are truths on both ends of the spectrum.
No. Seems pretty one sided in favor of wearing gear to me. There are numerous studies that support the fact that wearing gear significantly reduces risk of serious injury. Here is but one of many results (this one from the George Institute Study): Motorcyclists were significantly less likely to be admitted to hospital if they crashed wearing motorcycle jackets (RR=0.79), pants (RR=0.49), or gloves (RR=0.41). When garments included fitted body armour there was a significantly reduced risk of injury to the upper body (RR=0.77), hands and wrists (RR=0.55), legs (RR = 0.60), feet and ankles (RR=0.54). Non-motorcycle boots were also associated with a reduced risk of injury compared to shoes or joggers (RR=0.46). (RR is the relative risk ratio, showing the percentage of risk of one group over another, so a RR of less than one means something is less likely to occur by a certain percentage). Another study also looked at the role of protective gear in reducing serious injury. The MAIDS study found that: In 74% of the cases the upper injuries were reduced or prevented by upper torso clothing. For lower extremity injuries, gear reduced or prevented 66.3% of injuries.

Rarely do I ride ATGATT and if you guys are honest with yourselves I bet most of you don't ride ATGATT either as it implies ALL the gear ALL the time. One of the best things about the bike is I can jump on it and be gone in a second and have fun running my mundane errands.
Nope. Every commute every day, I wear helmet, jacket, pants (or one piece), boots, gloves, ear protection. Takes me less than 60 seconds to don my gear head to toe. Not much to ask, and saying gear takes too long to put on is a copout.

It's hot and humid here, I'm talking over 90F with humidity above 50% in the summer and that typically means 6 moths or more. You walk outside and you will be wet with sweat in short order. If I'm running errands around town and will be in and out a few stores I'm not putting on long pants, boots, gloves, and a heavy just isn't happening.
I'm calling b.s. I live in Barbados, so I know about heat and humidity. It really isn't a problem with the right gear. I can get to work and back without being sweaty in full gear. I just wear breathable gear. REV'IT Turbine stuff works great, as does my Teiz Mojave one piece. My gloves are Held Airstreams, and breath really nicely for year-round summer temps. Lots of other good, protective options for hot weather. Overall, no more uncomfortable that going without protection. In fact, keeping direct sun off of me while allowing wind to blow through is perfect -- I'm more comfortable with my gear on than without.

Not only will I be uncomfortable but it will add double the time to dress in my gear, remove the gear at each stop, and gear back up again. I really might as well have taken the car...and isn't that what is suppose to be the benefit of bikes...less gas consumption, easier to park, easier to manuever in heavy congested traffic, easier on the environment so more people should be riding?
I wear the gear around at my stops, unless it is work or I'm going to be off the bike for a long time. Not at all hard, except that the helmet is a PITA. Got a backpack to stuff gloves and jacket in that has a helmet sling, and that helps. When I get off my bike, I'm usually walking to the store at the same time or a few seconds after people getting out of cars that arrived at the same time. Really not that big of a deal. Takes me about 60 seconds to get everything off when I get to work if I fully take all the gear off, so a bit more of a delay. But 1 minute really not a practical issue.

For ME it is those risks that make riding fun and get the adrenaline pumping.
Now we get to the heart of the matter. Increase the risks of riding to get your adrenaline pumping? You must really enjoy Russian roulette. Or unprotected sex with unknown partners. Lots of risk and adrenaline there. Lots of fun to be had riding with gear, and certainly more enjoyment if you happen to crash. With the right gear you don't feel isolated from the road at all, it works with you.

I've been down 3 times from low siding, only once did I have on a helmet and twice with shorts but no gloves and tennis shoes. I got some rash on my leg and forearm. Picked gravel out each time, sure it hurt but not THAT bad and it healed up just fine. Each time I went down I was doing something stupid and the accidents were 100% avoidable, I learned from those experiences and I'm a better rider as a result.
You have been lucky. I'm happy about that. But your logic doesn't work - because I've fallen in minor accidents before and been okay, no need to wear gear. There is no guarantee, and in fact I would say odds are significantly against it, as is easily demonstrable from the literature.

My point was not to claim that one shouldn't wear some protective gear but to point out that when others don't dress the same they have reasons for doing so and have at some level made a conscious decision to choose their attire.
I see your point, but disagree. Forums are about the exchange of information, maybe even helping people. And in a motorcycle forum, helping people avoid injury is a pretty noble goal. That someone else thinks differently doesn't mean we shouldn't post.

My biggest fear while riding is blunt force trauma or a spinal cord injury. ATGATT won't do much to prevent either in a accident with signicant impact...yea your corpse may look a little better lying in the casket but your still lying in a casket.
Reductio ad absurdum argument here - it is false logic. Because in the very worst accidents even the best gear can't hurt you, therefore no reason to wear gear at all? No. There are many accidents that CE and CE2 rated padding can prevent significant injury, including to your spine. Specifically, CE2 rated back protection can absorb significant amounts of force. By wearing back protection, you can signifcantly reduce the chance of the very injuries you fear. It doesn't eliminate it, but there are accidents where it would be the difference between life and death. The studies directly refute your argument.

How many of you guys wear ALL the gear EVERY SINGLE TIME you ride a bike . . .
/me raises hand.
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