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Those ASO tours of the bivouac look disappointing. You walk as a group on a tour through camp. Didn't look like fun.

Last year there were some press vehicles selling seats in their trucks, also entitles you to sleep in the bivouac. Ya you don't get to see the racing much but being in camp everyday is very cool

Chasing the race on a bike looked like fun but again you likely will not see much actual racing as you'll be pounding miles just trying to keep up. If it were me (and th thought has crossed my mind ) I would chase on a Bike, skip every second day, enjoy the riding (as it looks awesome), camp in the desert along side the track every second day so you can watch every competitor go by. 7 days of watching the racers go by, camping beside the track each night. Some fun getting off the roads to find cool camp spots with a view. With a bit of planning it could be a very cool trip, not cheap but very cool

Renting a bike...not sure about border crossing and the reliability of rental bikes. Shipping a bike $$$ but seems like the way to go.

Yes I have given this some serious thought
Shout me a pm if you get to the point where you become serious about going
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