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Wearing gear is a great idea, no one's debating that. So is advocating or encouraging other riders to wear more gear. However, I'm not sure I want a situation where ATGATT becomes the default no-tolerance standard. Be careful what you wish for.

"Sir, you're boots don't come all the way over your calves, so here's a ticket. BTW, you didn't zip your jacket and pants together so press hard, it's three copies. No neck brace? That's a year suspension. We're also impounding your bike, since I can't allow you to ride home without ATG. "

Think that can't happen? How about insurance companies refusing to insure you or pay a claim unless you prove to them you have and wear, every conceivable piece of protective gear available. It's a handy way for the Safetycrats to legislate motorcycling out of existence.
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