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For me it's simple. I was an EMT for almost 6 years before I started riding. I've seen full foot evulsions, degloving of hands, feet and penises, compound long bone fractures, shattered jaws, orbits and cheekbones. Not to mention scrubbed mud and gravel out of road rash that covered 2/3rds of a patient's body.

I've been done twice now and the worst injury I suffered was pulling some of the secondary muscles in my chest. ATGATT for me is armored textile jacket, pants, riding boots, full gauntlet gloves, modular or FF helmet and earplugs. My winter gear is olympia AST2 + first gear H/T over pants. Both warm and waterproof when it's cold and wet and with the vents open comfortable until it hits about 75-80. At that point I switch over to a pair of tourmaster Air pants and a first gear Venture jacket (textile with mesh stretch panels). I've been thinking about replacing these stuff with Olympia Moab and First Gear H/T Mesh though. Where I live it doesn't get very humid, I can escape the heat by heading up the peninsula or staying on the ocean side of the mountains. Yeah there have been a few days were riding over to a friend's place or meeting someone sucked because it was 90+ and even with a full set of knock off underarmor on under my riding gear I was still hot anytime I came to a stop at a light/sign.

I don't own a car by choice, so I suck it up and deal with it. At the end of the day I'd rather trade a little discomfort during a very small part of the year for the level of protection good riding gear offers. If I could have afforded it or if it was practical I'd probably where more leather. In the end I found that good, properly fitted textiles offer the same level of protection for street riding conditions as a race suit and are way easier to deal with.
Right now since the weather has been sunny but chilling after several weeks of rain the squids are out in force. I started laugh when I guy on a GSXR pulled up beside me at a light yesterday in a hoodie and sweat pants then started shivering while I was quite comfortable.
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