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Originally Posted by blk-betty View Post
Why not. Are you implying that most here are not capable of civil discussions?

I never claimed one shouldn't wear ANY gear and I clearly stated I have and wear different helmets, jackets, gloves etc. depending on the type of riding I do but it seems like anyone not riding ATGATT is castigated on this site and yet I contend that many here claiming the importance of ATGATT are in fact at times NOT ATGATT themselves.

Why the double standard? Is it simply a commentary on man's insecurities where he feels compelled to point out his own perceived imperfections in others, or is that we care so much for our fellow man that we say and do with nothing but the purest intentions to promote and protect fellow man.

I have my opinion, let's here others.
A lot of ASSumptions in your discourse just now.

IMHO It won't end well because this is not a cruiser forum. The majority wear at least some gear, and many actually have an opinion about the intelligence of those who do not wear gear. Your post is very telling on how you stand, and defensive before the first reply.

This will not end well.

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