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Stay out of my lane if you're going the other way. Move over if you're going slower than me. Don't force me to avoid you. Give others assistance if it's needed. Put whatever tire on your bike you want to. Wear what you feel is appropriate.

I'll do the same.

Is ATGATT overrated?? Of course not. It saves lives and protects the body. That said, I'm not going to wrap myself up in a giant ball of bubblewrap and bounce down the freeway. Might put that on my bucket list though... yea, definitely putting that on my bucket list.

For the record, I always wear gear. It will be lighter or heavier gear based on what the weather is doing and what kind of ride I'm going on. I'm not going to be wearing full race leathers going to the store when the max speed limit is 35mph, but I will have on my jacket, overpants, boots, gloves and helmet. And I always try to keep my head in the game.

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