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I wear all the gear I have all the time. Modular FF helmet, gloves, pants, boots, jacket. Doesn't matter if I intend to ride 50 miles or half a mile. I'll gear up even if I'm just going to the grocery store that's half a block away, but don't feel like walking because I have quite a few things on the list. I'd feel like a real idiot if I made the assumption of "oh, I'm only going half a block, what could happen?" and I wound up getting banged into in the store parking lot.

Even when the temps climb up to 100 degrees I'll be wearing the same ensemble. I figure if I can tolerate wearing full "battle rattle" in hot/humid or hot/dry conditions, I'll survive wearing gear while riding the bike. Ticket is to stay properly hydrated. Further, I'd rather be a little on the "warm" side than feel the stinging of rocks, bugs, or whatever kind of debris bouncing off of bare skin. I'm also not a fan of wind burn or sunburn. I'll keep myself covered up, thanks.

So, I don't think being geared up is over rated at all.
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