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The direction of this thread brings up the point of what is ATGATT? All the gear you could conceivably wear, or all the gear you currently own? BIg difference. Are you ATGATT if you don't wear a neck brace? Molded dental guard? (Hey, you could chip a tooth or bite off your tongue!) What about protecting the junk? Ruptured or contused testes, scrotum tears, and pelvic fractures are documented in accident reports, usually from over-the-handbar type getoffs on sportbikes. So are you not really ATGATT if you're not wearing a cup? Where does it stop? Yes, I'm being a little facitious here, but we risk getting to point that ATGATT is a meaningless plattitude.

Motorcycle accident injuries would be reduced exponentially if every rider would just wear at least a 3/4 helmet, gloves, long pants and over-the-ankle boots. There's a long, long way to go just getting a majority to agree to that much, good luck making everyone ride around like Spaceman Spiff.
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