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Originally Posted by blk-betty View Post
Another any of you guys who are not 100% ATGATT find you ride differently when your not fully geared up.

Personally, if going to the store 2 miles away and in only shorts, T-shirt, and tennis shoes I ride slower and take less risks than when I have on a full-face, gloves, jacket, and boots.

Skill set aside, those riding cruisers typically ride less aggressivley than those on non-cruisers. I think the white coat study and embodied cogniton referenced in the other thread exposes some hidden truths in human behavior. Putting on full gear heightens the dangers of riding for some and makes us more aware so less risk taking, yet for others it makes us feel less vulnerable resulting in more risk taking.

Aggressiveness is a big issue. The way I look at it is

What is fun on a sport bike?: Seeing how fast you can go, or how quick you can take turns.

What is fun on a cruiser?: Making noise. Looking cool. Riding in straight lines, comfortably, with noise and vibration.

What is fun on a touring bike (and I include "cruisers" here when they are used for touring)?: Seeing and going places. Often on empty roads with few cars.

Which of these are dangerous? Anything where you push limits, sometimes you will go past them.
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