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Originally Posted by Thanantos View Post
This intrigues me as the OP mentioned it as well.

Do you really think we are lying? And what would make you think that?
I have no reason to think you or anyone else is lying but I ask the question because of situations like this scenario......It's summer time, I'm lounging around in shorts, T-shirt and flip-flops (which is my standard off-work uniform) with some friends getting ready to grill some meat and just found out I need one ot two items from the store which is literally two miles down the road and the first 3/4 mile is a residential neighborhood - speed limit 20.

I can:

a) hop on the HD as dressed and get back just as quickly as the car but riding the bike is more fun

b) kick off the flip flops, throw on some shoes, grab the helmet and take the DR

c) kick off the flip-flops, drop the shorts, put on jeans, jacket, gloves, full-face and take either bike

d) take the car

What I do and in what order.....a, d, b then c.

To me, for just running a quick errand, it's not worth the effort to change clothes and put on protective gear for a very short ride even though I KNOW the risks are pretty much the same as a long ride.

I have an option of taking a car many don't have that option. So in my scenario, your at your house with all your gear wherever you store it, kicking back with friends in shorts, t-shirt and you still don full gear for a quick store run or maybe just long pants, shoes and a helmet or do you take the car knowing its not safe to ride without all the gear?
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