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I wear a helmet when I ride, 3/4 mostly, never wear shorts, and that is it for the safety gear.
If its cold out, I wear a leather jacket.
if its REAL cold out, I have a one piece cold weather suit.
I have non motorcycle boots for dirt riding, and even wear them sometimes.

I have been on the street since 17, am now 54, and got rash once, very early on, very drunk in the rain.
I am not sure how its going to turn out, but NOT riding around with all that gear for 35 years sure has been nice.

Not wearing all the gear, I do not take chances. I do not ride places where its likely to end badly, I do not push it past about 85%, I ride like no one sees me, leave an out, do not over ride my sight lines, do not tailgate (much).

I never blew a turn, had an issue with a car, and I and my bikes have not been down on the street for over 30 years.

I am sure, wearing gear, riders take more chances.
After all, what good is it unless you use it?

I use sunblock.
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