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Originally Posted by barnyard View Post
I would never have guessed from your posts that you are only 26. I figured Vet minimum, possibly even Senior.

Look over the D23 schedule, if something fits your schedule and you want to try riding it, drop me a line. I am 2 hours from the Mn enduros and all that other blah, blah.
I'd love to ride up in Minnesota some time. My grandpa & I used to stay at a friends cabin up there when I was in junior high. I'd ride my YZ125 all around. Kind of bad idea looking back. I was 12 or 13, had no maps, no gear, and just rode as far as I could remember how to get back.

I'll take a look at the schedule and see if anything could pan out.

My trials bike is the only bike that I regret selling. I had no idea I'd be in a neighborhood where I could ride it all I want and the neighbors wouldn't care. It would also help keep me honed on my slow speed skills. I will be buying another one as soon as I can.

Unfortunately today while riding we had ourselves an incident. Bike was running great, I was feeling in the zone with the bike. It had perfect power, until I went to pass my buddy. I got on the gas, and hear a WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK. I killed the engine, thought I lost the chain, but so far have confirmed that something not good has happened on the bike.

On the upside I still got an 85' XR350R that I will be racing at the enduro next weekend. I'll dig into the Husky tonight. Sad, but at least it's broken & not me.

Off to dinner for my Grandpas 75th Birthday!

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