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OK, got my Rekluse EXP installed in my 07 S.

I first installed per Rekluses instructions with 1 turn in adjustment. But I had a bit of clutch slippage, so I backed it off. I'm now running it at 3/4's of a turn in . Seams fine to me.

I've had Rekluses on my last few bikes. And I've been one of their biggest fans. I've thought bikes ought to come with Rekluses on them. But they've always been on smaller dirt bikes. This is my first on a large bike.

But now I'm having second thoughts. I'll see if I can explain this: I know all about the freewheeling down hill and how to overcome it with a blip. And its never been a problem for me. But today I just got back from a 2 day trip with some fairly ruff stuff for a large DS bike. So, I'm going down long, ruff, rocky downhills, that I need to be in 2nd gear. I blip the throttle to engage the clutch, it holds for 2-4 seconds and then disengages and then I'm freewheeling. So I blip the throttle again and over and over.

Is there an adjustment to cause the Rekluse/clutch to stay hooked up when descending?? Or do I just pretend I'm riding a 2 stroke, grab both brakes, hold on and hollar yeepee!!

I know most of what we do is trade offs, but I'm thinking the gain of having the Rekluse at slow speed manuavering is less than the trouble of freewheeling down hill. Don't know if Rekluse still has a 30 day buy back, but I may find out.

Thoughts from you guys that have had your EXP's longer.
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