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Here is a little detail on the shield I made to go under the Rottweiler foam filter. The goal is to separate the air intakes from the heat created by the motor and water splashing up around the motor. Fortunately there is a frame member roughly parallel to the plane of the Rottweiler base plate. The fuel tanks surround this frame member on the outside. My idea is to make a metal shield that goes from the frame member under the baseplate and up the other side to the opposite frame member. The shield is long starting at the rats nest of wiring behind the head tube and going all the way back to frame cross member near the sub frame junction. The shield is held in place by the spring force of the rolled edges with help from duct tape.

Here is the area you get to work with. Note Rottweiler gasket rings installed on throttle body towers.

I made a form template with 10” wide aluminum flashing. I cut it with scissors and formed it by bending it with my fingers. There needs to be cut outs for the velocity stacks, the map sensor and the crank case breather hose. There is a part of the throttle body assembly on the right side of the rear velocity stack where the shield must be cut out in order to allow the Rottweiler base plate to mount.

I posted this photo of the sample template install.

Here is a side view with the right tank removed. The area below the shield is more open than with the air box so there should be more air flow and cooling.

Here is the sample form removed to use as a template.

I transferred the pattern of the sample template to some thicker aluminum sheet. I cut the form with a saber saw and metal snips. I made adjustments with a metal file and tried to remove all the sharp edges. I used metal pipe as a form to roll the edges. I folded metal under along front and back edges to give a clear upper surface. The bottom is covered with heat shield hiding the folded metal.

Top side of shield

Bottom side with heat shield attached

Shield in place with crankcase breather and map wire connector. I had to make the hole in the shield larger to accommodate the extra space required by the connector.

Duct Tape sealing shied to frame members, clear duct tape used over KTM stickers so you can see VIN.

Rottweiler baseplate mounted

Velocity stacks

Mount filter with quarter turn fasteners.

The area in front of the filter

To allow more air into the “filter box” area I put spacers under the glove box base. There are two bolts in front of the glove box and two near the back corners of the glove box. I didn’t want to raise the rear of the glove box very much because it would affect the height of the seat mount. I used 4.5mm spacers in the front and 2mm spacers (washers) in the rear. Gasket adhesive will help keep the spacers from dropping into the engine. (why do I know this) This creates a gap all the way around the glove box mask.

Side view

From front

With seat
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