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Originally Posted by Adv Grifter View Post
Some nice Swag there mate. You'll love the Mayer seat ... the Mayer family have a long history in MC saddle making going back 30 years or more. Rocky is one of the best. I've been to his shop in Ojai, CA. That seat will be a life saver. That's a 12 hour riding day seat.

ALL BALLS would not have been my 1st choice for bearings. Yes, they are very inexpensive. Now why is that? They are roundly condemned by some in the off road world. Most get one season out of these bearings. Not good.

They are low end Chinese made bearings that have been repackaged by a middle man/marketer. Fact is ...many bearings today are made in China ... even Japanese companies like Koyo out source to China. But the quality range is wide ... and apparently ALL BALLS tend to be at a low level. You can buy very high quality Made In China bearings ... ALL BALLS are not them!

I would research which bearings on your DRZ's tend to wear out and take spares. A nice cleaning and light re-grease at tire changes or flats always helps ... but don't CRAM the bearings full of grease or they will get HOT and seize. Ask your Mclaren guy which bearings to buy. He should know.
(I'd get OEM (Koyo) Suzuki ... they fit and they last)

Don't forget your linkage bearings. Clean and re-grease before Mongolia and after. By the time the linkage is squeaking ... too late! Mongolian puddles for 2000 miles will likely be more a problem for link bearings than wheel bearings. Check/grease head bearings at about 10K miles. (upper and lower)

Use Copper grease on brake caliper slide pins ... and a dab of Blue Loc-Tite on main caliper holding bolts. With mud jammed brakes, pads can get ground away very quickly ... with no braking! Spare pads or keep clean (if possible)

Yoshi pipes are L O U D !! May bring unwanted attention? ... but that's up to you guys. Very well made, high quality and light weight race pipes. Bit loud for me. (Got ear plugs? )

Dakar style Dash ....
I know these Dakar Rally dashes are very hip in London and among the Adventure Cognoscenti ... but think about what will happen if you fall, hit a rut, bury the bike and STOP suddenly in mud or sand and get flung forward ... and your chest, arms or legs is forced through that solid Aluminum frame?

The Dakar Dash is a beautiful thing ... but IMHO as a former desert/Enduro racer ... not safe. You will crash and if your body goes through that dash it's gonna hurt. Been there, seen it happen.

Some may say; "Oi, all the Dakar guys use them!!" yea, true, and how many major Dakar champions are DEAD? and how many others have died? Highest death rate of ANY racing series. How many were impaled on metal hardware I could not say ... but I know it has happened.

But all this is your choice.


Should be an Epic trip for a worth while cause. Maybe you guys can even do some research as to why Cancer rates are so low in places like Mongolia, parts of Africa and Latin America. Diet and lifestyle per chance?

Bon Chance!

Agree, dash is way to solid,
leave it at home or construct it so it can brak easy, just good advice, seen many guys get hurt (myself included),
Balls said the queen, if i'd had two of 'm i'd be king
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