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Originally Posted by vonotto View Post
One nite we decided to walk home from the bar. There was thick fog on the road and I heard a VW bug coming. I told my buddies to walk like Zombies in the road {sounded like a good plan when your drunk} Anywho..the bug got closer and saw us...he dropped down a gear and punch took off and we laughed . 5 mins. later we hear a V8 coming so we do the same thing..This time the guyin a pick up punches it and heads right for us ..we ran to a fence, he jumped the grass and we had to jump the fence to keep from getting run over more Zombie marches for us
Just like . . .

Bill Murray. In “Zombieland,” he is pitch perfect playing himself, and he does a good job of poking fun at his own career choices. At one point, the comedian is mistaken for a zombie and takes a full-frontal shotgun blast. As he slowly, and hilariously, dies, one of the other characters ask if he regrets anything. With his final breath, Murray wheezes, “Garfield.”
Never a good idea to imitate a zombie as a joke. After outing his joking zombie impersonation (inside his own home) to two of the refugees on the road, he's persuaded to again perform for the other two who've been elsewhere exploring Murray's home. They are fully taken in by his performance, and shoot him. He's a good sport about it, but the wounds are fatal.
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