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Originally Posted by CharlesLathe View Post
In the darkest regions of my mind, I remembered my sons telling me all about . . . Zombies. That did it. My 57 year old heart went to the brink of self destruction and my mind ran away with me. I just trembled as quietly as I could and prayed. When the zombies are really there, right there in the black yard with you, but you can't see anything, what good are preparations?

Either the prayers worked, Bearshark the Bonneville T100 kept the zombies away, they didn't see me in the dark, or, maybe, I decided, it was a screech owl.
Originally Posted by vonotto View Post
.This time the guyin a pick up punches it and heads right for us ..we ran to a fence, he jumped the grass and we had to jump the fence to keep from getting run over more Zombie marches for us
Originally Posted by 100mpg View Post
Zombies are no joke my friend...

And those who want huge fire power to kill the soft headed mush brains are asking for it. I want a 22, with 10,000 round so CB...almost no noise and cheap as dirt.

Knives? Only for preparing food, I don't need any zombie juice splashed on me.

I know this is a motorcycle site but they are not going to work when the zombies show up...I would have to take my truck.

Forgot the main reason I was answering this! The .410 in the backpack. Excellent choice for a second weapon. Cheap ammo, enough power to poke a hole in anything and small. I got one of them also.
That is where this zombie escapism is potentially dangerous. It is conditioning people to have a specific reaction (shoot first) and decouples their sense of the humane from "zombies". What happens if it becomes common for senile elderly to wander around? If people mus-perceive they can commit tragic mistakes. Also similar to the Y2K phenomenon, you have some expressing disturbing anti-social behavior, and that is BEFORE anything actually happens.
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