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Originally Posted by vortexau View Post
It all depends on the density of the zombie horde. If they are well spaced apart, and not in a dense "Resident Evil" type mob, then just a reliable two wheeler with plenty of swing-around space would be adequate. Then you would be well served to use either Cricket Bat, or Katana (刀).

Reliable (and with good elbow room for using club or sword) and sturdy transport.

Shaun's picked the good old Cricket Bat.

While this chap has chosen to use his well-honed Katana (more commonly idenified as a Samurai Sword).
That guy is holding a long handled broad sword. A better choice than a katana, more reach. A cross bow, or compound bow would be good. Quiet, reusable ammo. There is the infection issue. If you can get infected from a bite you can get infected from other fluids splashed in the eyes or mouth. There is a guy around here with a Zombie Assault van.
Found a pic:
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