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I am completely stumped as to why my old enduro is misbehaving...

It is a 1977 Kawi KE-175 rotary valve, and it has starting issues.

It will sit for a month at a time, and start on one kick, but if I let it sit for less than a day, it will take AT LEAST 50 kicks to start it. It is like it doesnt like being used on a regular basis.

The carb is clean, the plugs are fine, and the gas is fresh. I just removed carbon from the head and gave it a new head gasket, as well as cleaned out the exhaust. The bike also didnt come with a choke, and I removed the oil tank and run a 32:1 premix.

I make sure to shut the gas off when it isnt running.

oh, and it has always done this, even before I did the work to it.
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