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Post Stage Blythe to Carpinteria

Post Stage Blythe to Carpinteria, 365 miles.

Going home today.

Sleep in until 0800, get breakfast in the motel lobby. Pastry, hard boiled egg, and some juice. The Ball State basketball team was staying here and they had pretty much devoured the food, those boys had big appetites. The coach saw me struggling with my arm and asked about it. He said ice, rest, and strengthening was the way to go.

Get mounted up and notice big puddle of oil coming out of airbox drain so I add the last of the Mexican racing oil I had on hand and prepare to leave. Got off the Interstate as soon as I could at Highway 177, Desert Center. GPS said I could get gas here, no way. Someone needs to call the POI guy and update him.

Oh, well, still have enough gas to get to 29 Palms and should have 50 miles in reserve. I got on the deserted 2 lane highway to 29 Palms. Big headwind, in fact, big enough (along with puking fuel problem) to cause me to run out of gas 15 miles outside of town! Coasted to a stop in an asphalt turnout and considered my options.

IMGP1210 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

IMGP1209 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

Hadn’t seen a car in 40 minutes. I could call AAA and get gas from them, might take an hour or more. Well no more than 45 seconds after I pulled over a truck pulling a boat was coming up behind me. I stuck out my arm, the guy pulled over on the sand shoulder and jumped out with a gas can in his hand. I was started up and rolling again in 4 minutes. I looked in my mirror to make sure the truck was moving and all I saw was a rooster tail of sand. This can’t be good! Turn around to go help dig out the truck and trailer, but as I approach he gets traction is moving. A quick wave and I’ on the way.

Fill up in 29 Palms and it’s the home stretch. Girl at gas station had pink hair, lots of tattoos and piercings. Her friends were hanging out with and they all had a similar look.

I guess if you live in 29 Palms this is what you do.

Now its a straight shot home. Music ON, autopilot ON, just focused on getting home and reflecting on the whole experience. Asta la vista Mexico.........Hello Carpinteria

Carpinteria Beach by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

And the answer to my original question in my ride report title, “Will I come back alive?”.

I came back MORE ALIVE !!!
Copper Canyon Mexico or Will I Come Back Alive?
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