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Originally Posted by Randy View Post
Sorry, don't want to join the attack brigade, but I've been wondering the same thing. If the mechanicals are already dealt with then I'd say this was an outstanding project. But, if the bike isn't running and fully operational then I can't see spending so much money and effort on cosmetics. In my way of thinking dealing with the mechanical aspect is the FIRST thing done, then once that is all sorted and correct you move on to addressing the cosmetic concerns.

Forgive me for asking, but after all these pages all I've really seen mentioned is looks, coolness, and other purely cosmetic considerations. Perhaps I'm wrong but I just haven't read much about what was done to get the bike mechanically sound.

Perhaps it didn't get all that hot. Maybe it didn't get hot enough to actually damage any of the major metal components like the frame, etc. But, it obviously did get hot enough to do a real number on all of the plastic/rubber parts, and seeing as how the BMW is a very high tech machine that relies heavily on electronics for almost everything, and electronics rely heavily on plastics for insulators, etc. Well, let's just say that electrical gremlins could be an ongoing issue with a bike that suffered that sort of damage and I personally would want that all sorted before worrying about making the bike look good.
As soon as my CAN-bus harness gets here fron Deutschland ($118.00 from a HP2 mega moto non abs unit) i will know if the bmsk is good or not. thats the only "IF" i have to deal with. If the bmsk didn't survive MAXBMW will send a new one. What's another 700.00 bucks at this point? gonna snap some picts right now. my machine shop project came out pretty cool i have to say! It's off to powdercoating tomorrow.

oh and it's a good thing i'm in the BMW Motorrad program cuz i never would have thought of checking out the mechanicals before spending some cake on some garage art. good thing huh? duh!

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