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Originally Posted by Vulfy View Post
This is why I absolutely love this forum, I always find stuff that I had no clue even existed.

This is now definitely on a list of things to get for summer commuting. I do have a question though, if the outer layer is wet, does it wet insides of your gear (jacket / pants)?

I'm planning to wear a leather suit, and don't know how well it will take up to being wet from inside. I figure that in a leather suit I'll be sweating like a pig anyhow. Still, does anybody wear leathers with this undergarment? I plan to get the shorts, long sleeve, and sleeves for just commuting.
I commute in the general Phoenix area on a sport bike, and I wear a heavy leather jacket (textile pants, though). I wear my long-sleeve LD Comfort shirt absolutely soaking under it when I ride home. My jacket is perforated, and flows a LOT of air. Yes, the leather gets damp inside. Not _wet_ really, but certainly damp. I have not had any trouble as a result of this, but I've only done it for one year thus far. I do clean and condition my jacket with Lexol's cleaner and then their conditioner/preservative/stuff.

The LD Comfort shirt keeps me very comfortable so long as I'm moving, and while it's not bone dry by the end of my ~~40 mile commute on freeways and highways, it's nearly there and I'm definitely a lot warmer than when I started out.
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