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Originally Posted by Ironhead76 View Post
why has no one mentioned fire? it keeps you warm and kills zombies. when the zombies arrive i'm going to make up a bunch of napalm and get me one of these

and to all the scooter guys, i hope there more like the "I Am Legend" zombies.... you wont last very long

With the necessity to cause severe trauma to the nerve center, fire is one of the worst things you can do. Zombies are bad, but Zeds on fire is worse. Fire will spread over most surfaces, but believe it or not the human body is not very combustible. The thought of a mindless eating machine that doesn't tire and feels no pain spreading an "all-consuming" fire across what few valuable resources are available to the remaining human contingent is a bad idea. Please, don't go fucking up MY fuel resources by setting walking matchsticks ablaze.

1. Cardio
2. Doubletap
3. Beware of bathrooms. <-read this. Start at the beginning, read all the bonus fiction. It brings up lots of valid points that others may not think of in their "preparations"
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