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Sparkless Kawasaki KT250

I just bought a reasonably complete KT250 this weekend to use as an around-the-property plonker. It was very cheap due to it's having no spark- allegedly it quit running on it's last ride and the PO determined it had quit manufacturing sparks but had gone no further with diagnosis. I figured it to be worth the risk- it still has the factory tires on it and appears to be very low time.... it's missing a few parts but nothing impossible, and if I can restore the ignition should be a runner. The air filter was even intact and it still has half a tank of injector oil in it, has great compression and all of the controls appear to function as they should. Other than the spark issue, it should be an easy restoration.

This is an early CDI ignition machine, so there are basically 3 components that can fail: the stator/pickup coil assembly, the CDI unit itself, and the coil. I was able to consult a factory repair manual and it contained NOTHING regarding any procedure to checking out any of these components or ohm values- anyone out there have access to any testing data? Or failing that, do any of you have any KT250 ignition spares to draw from?

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