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I said well set up bikes. Obviously Rossi's bike is not well set up. I'm wondering where the mis communication is coming from really. The Yamaha guys for WSBK said they learned more about their bike from Rossi when he was doing some riding on it with them with a broken leg. He also went faster with a broken leg than the WSBK guys did the weekend previous.

As much money that they have spent, where is the breakdown coming from? Obviously they can build a bike that can win(WSBK) but why is the MotoGP bike so hard to ride? Yes yes yes, Casey could ride it, blah blah he's still a huge whiner. No one else seems to be able too. Shocking really but that's where we're at.

Ducati needs to produce something. Currently I don't think anyone knows what that is. Eesh. But I don't think Rossi is done. We shall see. If it is his swan song, then so be it. But with just one race and an angry interview, you can't call the entire season.
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