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Just an update....

I've been teaching with a guy that used to own a small Husquavarna shop back in the 80's. He's well versed in 2 stroke motors, so I struck a deal. I have a habit of running out of steam, in this case, I ran out of money and patience. One thing I can't stand is to watch a vehicle rot away. I'd rather sell something cheap with the promise of "I'll get it running" instead of it sitting there. Well, he has a farm and a few cattle and just wants a bike to ride on the property. So I'm giving him the bike with the promise he'll get it running, and have all the electrical bits working and he can ride it all over his property. I'm in the city, so I don't have property. When I want to ride it, I'll ride it around his place, and when I'm ready to race it....I'll race it! It's a win win, I keep the bike and can free up some time and funds to get the SL350 going and he can ride and maintain the TS. I'm not quitting, but I know it will be up and running in no time once he gets ahold of it.
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