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Bill Mayor Seats

Thanks for all your input. We appreciate any advice to get so please do keep it coming.
In response to my first post, many people mentioned the Bill Mayor seat we will be using to cover the 25,000 miles over the next 9 months. We've been really really lucky over the last few months as a number of motorcycle related companies have been kind enough to help us out. When Rocky and Rob over at Bill Mayor Saddles found out about the Cancer Research cause we are raising for they jumped at the opportunity to help us out completely free of charge. We can't thank them enough for their help.

It just so happened that they were about to launch a brand new adventure range of saddles and were kind enough to invest their time and money to build a saddle suitable enough to sit on for 9 months from the original DRZ stock option. Within weeks of sending the stock seat over to the States, Rocky's wizardry was complete and the saddles were back in our garage ready for fitting. You can see their products on their site here:

The quality of their work was evident from the second we took the new seats out of the box. Check out some pictures of the mods in action:

Here is the original

Rocky usually likes to have the rider present so he can size them up and work out the best design specific for them but given the distance between us he had to make do with some photos we supplied him with.

The finished product....

Today we took the bikes out for their first decent run since rebuilding them. As we hadn't really covered many miles on the bikes before stripping them down, we didn't really have a bench mark to compare them to but in general, they were feeling good. We rode from Southampton to Brighton and back which is around 140 miles in total with only a quick stop for a pint in between and the seats felt awesome. We could easily have covered more ground. The seats, in fact, didn't even come up in conversation until we got home and mutually agreed that they felt great which proves that any discomfort didn't even cross out mind.
A massive thanks goes out to both Rocky and Rob for their input. I hate to think what 25,000 miles on a stock seat could do to my ass. Hopefully we can stop in and buy them a beer to say a thank you in person.
Read more about our round the world DRz 400 trip on our website here:

Find us on Facebook here:
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