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Work that has been done:
1. Remove the body work and general clean up. Nothing to crazy here. Bottle of simple green, several rolls of shop towels, and scotchbrite pads got it cleaned up pretty well while still leaving a bit of "patina". I did end up using easy off to clean the wheels of some grime that wouldn't budge.

2. The headlamp needed new paint. Tore out all the wires, cleaned it up and used some black Rustoleum Textured on it. I like the way it turned out. Redoing the wiring was miserable though. Relocated the Ignition switch to the Headlamp mount and modified some universal style brackets to attach everything to the forks.

3. Installed some clip-ons from Woodcraft. Required a little reaming of the current controls to get them to fit. Nothing too difficult, I just took a wooden dowel rod and wrapped some sandpaper around it. Took a little bit of elbow grease, but they fit now.

4. Created some spacers to drop the instrument cluster down. I thought about fabricating a new bracket, but this was simpler and it turned out to work perfectly. Probably going to move to an Acewell unit in the future anyways.

5. Modified the subframe to accept a motoLana seat unit.

6. LED Bar end Turn signals up front, and LED brake light and turn signals out back. Made some brackets out back to position everything as I liked. Spent a couple of nights working out kinks in the wiring, but it turned out pretty clean.

7. The gas cap lock was broken, and at some point one of the POs filled in the gap with what looked like some sort of caulk. Tore it apart to clean it up and machined a black delrin plastic cap for the hole. If somebody really wants to steal my gas they can just cut the lines running down from the tank anyways.

8. Modified (cut up) both the front and rear fenders.

9. Replaced the old rotted tires with some Avon Road Riders

10. the old horns were shot, replaced them with some universal ones from Dime City Cycles

11. I removed the airbox (don't hate!) and added pods in anticipation of replacing the big heavy battery with a smaller one in that cavity. I ran it for about a week with just a Filter on the crankcase breather and was seeing more oil mist than I would like, so I ended up making a Catchcan out of a Flask I had laying around. The dimensions ended up working perfectly.

I'm not worried much about the pods. This is only going to be ridden in good weather and I doubt I'll be putting more than 2-3k miles on it in a year.

12. Installed some reverse cone mufflers. I love the way they sound. Loud, but not obnoxiously so (well... not too obnoxious). Needed to replace the crosspipes as the old ones had oxidized quite a bit and I ruined them trying to take the exhaust apart. Wrapped everything in tan exhaust wrap to hide the mismatching finishes. At some point I may give them a coat of high temp paint, but I don't mind the way they look now.

13. Stainless Steel Brake lines up front. They made a huge difference from the stock rubber hose that was on there.

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