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Rossi pushed on the Yamaha because he had a competitive package underneath him.
He broke his leg and fought tooth and nail to return to the track early...because he had a competitive package underneath him.
The Ducati, unless you are willing to ride it at 11/10ths is NOT a competitive package. Stoner made it competitive because is is one hell of a rider and pushed that bike 11/10ths EVERY race he won.

Bear in mind that I am a Ducati fan boy. I love Rossi as well. But I really REALLY wish he was on the Yamaha or the Honda.
He is past his prime but definitely hasn't "lost it".

Consider it from his POV...2 years ago you crashed and destroyed your leg on a bike that could put him on the podium week in and week out by simply riding it well.
And now he is on a bike that could put him on the podium IF he pushed it beyond his comfort limits but could also punt you into the stratosphere in the same instant. You have 9 world championships. You could possibly have a contract with another team or even sport your own satellite team in 2013 on. Do you push hard knowing that the bike is going to take a complete overhaul to be competitive or do you tell Ducati to get you through the season without breaking you in half and take the brunt of the Italian press' animosity so that Ducati won't be avoided like the plague?

I don't know the man but if I were in his shoes, I would be looking forward to a contract with Gresini or even Tech 3 on a satellite badged factory bike. Or even moving to WSBK.

Fact is, MotoGP has lost its allure. All they really did was take a handful of back-marker Suzuki and Ducatis and added an even slower piece to the puzzle.

All I know is the GOAT hasn't lost his mojo. He is protecting himself from getting kicked in the mojo. Ducati either needs to step up their game and present him with a package that can win (Even Hayden who did exceptionally well isn't capable of winning on the Ducati in the dry) or let him go on to a team that can.
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