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Originally Posted by novaboy View Post
I'll keep you posted.
Sweet definitely keep us posted. Currently I'm trying to ride a bit of everything. So far I've done sand(whoa that sucked being a newb on it), dirt, mud, rocks, and a nice newbie friendly MX track that some buddies turned me on to. Little bit of everything.

Currently sand sucks because my brain won't let me get back on the seat and hit the gas like you're supposed to it's too busy going "WE'RE GONNA CRASH AHHHHHHH" when I try to do that so I chop throttle and bury the front wheel. Mud I rode last Sat and did a lot better on than the previous time when I hit a mud puddle and whiskey throttled it into a bigger mud puddle. But I was tip toeing a long pretty hard core. Rock has been decent. Regular dirt has been decent.

Goals right now are getting better at shifting while standing, also need to adjust rear break so it's easier to get to while standing. Remembering to grip the bike with my knees, and turns, I'm really slow in turns. Hills kinda freak me out too, but I'm getting better at them.

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