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Was 29, am 33 now. Only riding for 4 years and have a measly 26K to show for it. This summer alone I put on over 10K and have a few more months of riding weather left. It's been actually tougher breaking loose of some of the fears. I guess the older I get I think more about the consequences so I am not quite as fearless as if I started riding when I was 18 or something. Maybe that's the challenge I enjoy so much. Learning something new all the time and getting better everyday. I started out right away with decent riding gear and helmet so maybe the age helped there. Plus had some very good influences around me. I really enjoy it more than any car. I have a '95 Toyota Corolla that amazing keep rolling along with minimal upkeep. So more to spend on the bike. If it wasn't for my dog and winter I'd be happy with no car. Someday onward to Alaska!
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