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Originally Posted by RuckedUp View Post
Here is a side view. I decided to not drill holes in the top and just mount the F2R to the center mounting points. The ICO may vibrate a bit but I can live

I also broke out the soldering iron today and wired up the un-switched harness I got from beavercreek a few weeks ago for the ICO and the RB power source. I can just unplug the whole rig if the bat starts to drain on me.

So now I have power for the VR light and RB. Productive day. I guess now all I have to do is pack and wait for launch day.

Just thought i would point out that your F2R is mounted to charlie's bracket incorrectly. the F2R should be mounted to the brack via the holes in the side of the will need to drill 2 holes in the top mating surface. Unless something has changed recently.
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