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My take on everything (for what it's worth), is the difference is in engineering. Furusawa is an aeronautic engineer, and understands multi axis dymanics and the relationship between them all- he also listened to Valentino and Jeremy, and was able to make the data, and the human feedback work together to create a solution. Maybe Ducati engineering is stuck trying to make things work. From where I sit, I would say engine configuration, the balance point on the bike is not where it needs to be, and a 90 degree V may not allow the engine to sit at the optimum place without affecting rake, or swingarm length. Not sure what Suzuki was running, but Aprillia uses 60, and the rest are in line, which allows more fore/aft engine movement...

My memories of Ducatis are Loris Capriossi looking like a monkey strapped to a runaway rocket- the Duc would pump on traction control, and Casey Stoner hanging off Doohan style- with the bike is moving around like crazy underneath him. Rossi is a more controlled rider (for lack of a better term). I've read several comments that other riders don't understand Casey's lines....
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