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Originally Posted by ZLTFUL View Post
SNIP Stoner made it competitive because is is one hell of a rider and pushed that bike 11/10ths EVERY race he won. SNIP
Directly from persons knowing, according to the data reviewed of Casey riding the Duc, it said he crashed 3 times every lap. That is how OVER the limit he was to get results from the machine.

What everyone struggles with is the ability of Casey to take a Moto from a data crashed state to recovery consistently multiple times per lap. This is not a good way to be riding a motorcycle. This is why Rossi has always calmly said "Casey rides the Ducati in a very special way"

Very special, to save a front end the precise amount of throttle is needed to balance the rear slip and drive and again the data shows that Casey is the ONLY one who is capable of opening the throttle to the EXACT point every time to enable this save to take place. Exactly (nearly) every time!

Others 'feather' the throttle in hope of saving the front but are always too slow too fast or too late, in Casey's case he turns the throttle to EXACLTY the precise point instantly to make a save. How does did he do it?

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