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Originally Posted by knary View Post

Step 1. suspend heavy-ish item by wire.
Step 2. put two layers of paint on item
Step 3. while putting third layer on, watch in disbelief as wire comes undone and item drops onto ground into dirt and leaf litter.
Step 4. shake can vigorously and debate just painting over all of it, sticks, bugs, leaves, and all.
Oh I have several of these...

1. Order cool bar end LED turn signals. Right as I'm about to finish the install, i snagged the wires so hard i pulled them out of the sealed base...order new turn signals

2. Order headlamp mounts. Take to machine shop at work. Completely missed the dimensions... Order new mounts and do over again.

3. Order LED turn signals for the rear. Finish wiring. Go to bolt into place. Part was defective and it sheared right off... Get new turn signals sent to replace defective part

4. Order universal SS brake lines instead of custom lines bc it was half the price. Didn't realize the adapters I had to use would end up making it more expensive than if I had had custom lines made
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